Legislation in Texas House would reduce ballot choices for Texans

Lawmakers in Austin are set to consider legislation this week which would increase the requirements that parties must reach in order to maintain ballot access in Texas.

Current law requires that a candidate from each party obtain at least five percent in a state-wide race each election year to retain ballot access. HB 4416, authored by Rep. Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville), increases that requirement to 10 percent. This bill would likely result in the Libertarian Party of Texas losing ballot access, and by extension, local Libertarian candidates as well.

“The fact that two political parties can vote and decide whether another political party should be allowed on the ballot is absurd,” states Lauren Daugherty, Chair of the Libertarian Party of McLennan County. “Texas already has one of the most difficult legal hurdles in the country, yet the Republican Party of Texas wants to double that. It is easy to see what their motive is. They are happy to railroad voters and voters’ rights in the name of staying in power. Any elected official who takes such an approach on this or any other issue is a threat to our rights as Texans, and cannot be trusted.”

Only three other states have requirements of 10 percent. Texas should be decreasing its requirements to be more in line with other states.

The Libertarian Party of McLennan County opposes this legislation and is urging residents to reach out to Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson and Rep. Kyle Kacal, who both represent portions of McLennan County, to express their opposition to this bill.

HB 4416, if passed, will restrict the choices that Texans have on their ballots.

Doc Anderson – District 56 (512) 463-0135
Kyle Kacal – District 12 (512) 463-0412

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