Libertarians outraged at inhumane immigrant detention center conditions

Recent reports coming from U.S. detention facilities at the border allege that immigrants currently waiting for their requests to be processed are being severely mistreated.

Not only are there a lack of resources to handle this situation, but there are also reports of mistreatment which include denying both children and adults basic essentials such as soap and toothpaste, showers, and that they are being forced to drink out of toilets.

Additionally, there are reports of unprofessional behavior by border patrol officers at these facilities which include psychological mistreatment such as waking detainees at random hours for no purpose.

Libertarians in McLennan County are outraged at these reports of such inhumane and loathsome treatment and we are pleased to hear that some Congressional representatives are looking into this.

When our government detains someone for any reason, that person should be treated humanely. This is equally true for citizens and non-citizens. Our country is a global leader. We must set the bar for human rights and fair treatment of all people.

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